Hugging our Kids is a Privilege

Our teenage daughter just returned from a week away at camp.

As I awaited her return, and our hug, I realized that hugging our kids is a privilege. As a grieving parent, I should have already really learned this lesson. But any parent that has to travel away from home for business, or who is separated from their children to take care of an elderly relative, knows this too. Ditto the parents who kids are away from them for school, travel, hospital stays, foreign exchange visits – or even jail.

The next time your kids are within reaching distance, recognize that it’s a privilege to hug them – and hug them with everything you’ve got. Hugs matter.


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One response to “Hugging our Kids is a Privilege

  1. So so true about our hugging our children.
    I am a grieving mother also.
    I invite everyone to visit my child loss blog I made at

    Love,Louise[keren’s mom]

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