Are you living the life you want to be?

I subscribe to a wonderful weekly ezine called Flying Solo, for solo-preneurs. Not that I am one anymore, but still, it gives me some great food for thought. It’s out of Australia, so it helps me keep a global perspective too.

This week’s topic was “Are you living the life you want to be?” And I felt so strongly about this question, here’s what I posted:

After having my own column in for six years, on my favorite topic – sales – I stopped all that and started the Hug Your Kids Today project. Now I speak to corporations with lots of working parents to encourage the parents to hug their kids every day. I wrote a book, started a national holiday, and just won a big award for all my work.

It’s been quite an identity change – but I’m having a ball. I’d say 2/3 of the people I tell my story to think I’m crazy and I 1/3 envy my courage. I figure I only have one life, why not make it an adventure? Not all adventures happen in the Amazon or the Arctic; some happen in business too.

What do you think?


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