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Fortune 500 CEOs Value Work-Life

I recently read in ‘Working Mother’ magazine:
H. Fisk Johnson, CEO S.C. Johnson & Son: “A company will only do well if it has the best and brightest talent. And work/life programs help us attract and retain great talent because these programs are valued. Particularly in soft economic times, these programs are even more valuable.”
James Cornelius, CEO Bristol-Myers Squibb: “Even during times when the external business environment is less stable, we have seen the benefit of our commitment to work/life programs. These programs help us attract and retain the talent we need to drive our business.”

So you knew in your head that work-life issues mattered to your business and personal bottom-line. Here are two big CEO’s to join our chorus.

Keep singing “Hug Your Kids Today” – and then get to work!


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Silver Lining of Economic Troubles?

In Ellen Goodman’s column today, she touches on a theme my Sales VP keeps mentioning – that perhaps all this economic mess is a strong reminder (some might say “kick in the seat,”) of what matters – family.  Goodman writes:  There’s a dovetailing of economic and environmental – and human – values.

I think we’re all also being reminded that we can’t control everything, but we can coontrol how we treat our family.  We can’t control if we sell something today, or keep our job, or the weather stays mild so our heating bills are reasonable. (It was 6 degrees F this AM where I live.)

Goodman also writes: Sociologists will tell you that the most powerful impetus to change is not a new discovery. It’s when you learn what you already knew.

Remembering to hug our kids and spouse/partner every morning or day, that’s something we can control.  Go hug!

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