Work-Life Predictions – and Opportunities -for 2009

I just read a list of seven predictions for 2009 by Judy Martin, of the Work Life Examiner.  Here are three I want to pass on – and my thoughts:

1. Judy says:  Michelle Obama mentioned on a recent 60 Minutes inteview that work life balance will be a key goal not only for her personally, but hinted she’d be a player in that field of interest.

I say: Yea for all of America – and the world – if this smart and powerful woman plans to champion work-life balance issues.

2. Judy says:  Increasing worker stress will force Corporate America to initiate more progressive Employee Assistance programs to combat mental and physical stress – to boost productivity. The connection is being made slowly but surely.

I say: When we talk about how companies can increase their profits by paying atttention to work-life issues of working parents, we’re not ahead of the trend. In 2009, we’ll be right in the middle of it.

3. Judy says she expects: A flood of more values-based businesses. This past election was about change and movement away from the status quo of the “more is more” mentality. While we have to pay the bills, the journey to get to a prosperous place will become as valuable as the cash itself as we pay more attention to purposeful work based on core human values.

I say: Established business can also tap into this trend and re-brand themselves, to their own employee as well as their customers – as being more values based.  Upstart businesses don’t have have a corner on being values-based, unless you let them. 🙂

Here’s the full article: 

What do you think?


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