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Mothers, Fathers and Kids! One Million Hug Challenge

Yes, one MILLION (channel your inner Austin Powers when you read this number) hugs is our goal for National Hug Your Kids Day on July 20, 2009.

We can do it – together. If 10 people hug their kids and tell 10 friends to hug their kids and tell 10 friends, it just takes 5 iterations for us to reach one MILLION. That’s so doable, it’s almost laughable.

But it starts with you hugging your kids.

And telling 10 friends.

Think we can reach this goal? If so, how long do you think it will take?

How can we speed it up?

Comment below with your thoughts, ideas and, well, comments!



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National Hug Your Kids Day coming – July 20

Sorry, I’ve been too busy working on the holiday to blog about working on the holiday.

1. Please mark your calendars for Monday, July 20, 2009 – National Hug Your Kids Day. If you have children within a hug’s reach, hug them! If they’re too far away, give them a call, text, email, snail mail, a Cookie-gram… whatever it takes to make sure on that day, they feel hugged.

Remember, hugs are fast, free – and non-fattening. Perfect for these times when we’re fighting a time crunch, a money shortage and our waistlines. No excuses!

2. We’re working to get the word out via digital billboards across the US (thanks, Clear Channel Outdoors!,) announcements during Major League Baseball games and in contests in Gannett newspapers from coast to coast.

3. Call-ins, I love ’em! My whole day is brightened when I get a call from a university in Ohio, or a junior hockey team in Ottawa, Canada (and the CAPITAL of all of Canada!)  that they’d like to announce and promote Hug Your Kids Day. Come on folks, jump on the bandwagon! Jump in the pool! The more voices, the merrier – and the more hugs.

4. My vision is to change the world’s families – one million hugs at a time. Once we reach a few million hugs, momentum will kick in and the rest will be easy. Please help me reach those first few million hugs. Start with hugging your kids and telling a few friends.

5. Updates? check here or

Or call me – (775) 303-8201

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