Mothers, Fathers and Kids! One Million Hug Challenge

Yes, one MILLION (channel your inner Austin Powers when you read this number) hugs is our goal for National Hug Your Kids Day on July 20, 2009.

We can do it – together. If 10 people hug their kids and tell 10 friends to hug their kids and tell 10 friends, it just takes 5 iterations for us to reach one MILLION. That’s so doable, it’s almost laughable.

But it starts with you hugging your kids.

And telling 10 friends.

Think we can reach this goal? If so, how long do you think it will take?

How can we speed it up?

Comment below with your thoughts, ideas and, well, comments!



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4 responses to “Mothers, Fathers and Kids! One Million Hug Challenge

  1. Hey, Michelle! Will tweet this today. Are you on twitter, yet?


  2. Michelle,
    Why didn’t you think of this before? I can already feel the love!!
    I am going to attempt to post a video from YouTube that will help your quest. Here is the link,
    with any luck the player will post below. If not, it will be a bunch of code.
    Thanks for your message!!

  3. Hey Michelle,

    Guaranteed…at least 10 people from me!!! Katy Texas misses you!


  4. Just because The National Hug Your Kid Day has passed doesn’t mean you should stop hugging! Join the Facebook Fan page Hugs – One Million Hugs Challenge and share your stories. I’ve been hugging ten people a day…I feel GREAT!! Look forward to sharing – Susan click here to link to the Facebook page

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