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Work-Life Work on Hiatus until 2010

I wouldn’t trade¬†the last 20 months that I’ve spent being solely focused on creating and evangelizing the Hug Your Kids project and Work-Life Priorities for any work in the world.

But what I’ve learned is that while my work-life work is Important, in these economic times, it isn’t Urgent. Fortune 500 companies may still be able to fund both Important and Urgent work, but for the rest of the business world, which is about 95% of all the businesses, they can only fund work these days that is Urgent. This is for both financial and political reasons.¬†

So I’m putting this work on hiatus until 2010, and heading back to my former company, Savvy Selling International, as a speaker and consultant on Sales. I’m specifically looking at how to increase your closing ratio, an especially Urgent topic in these times. Check out – and stay tuned! Thanks.


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