Hug Your Kids Project Like a St. Bernard

The Hug Your Kids project "hounded" me like a drooly, deep-eyed St. Bernard

I tried to put my Hug Your Kids project on the back burner, but it was like a big St. Bernard dog that kept hounding me (pardon the pun) and begging me to take him  home and love him.

“It’s not logical, especially not in this economy,” I told him. He just looked at me with his deep, brown eyes and gave me a crazy, drooly smile.  He seemed to say, “I know it’s not logical, but if you do you’ll be rewarded in ways you can’t even imagine.” How could I resist a sales pitch like that? So I’m resuming full-time work on the Hug Your Kids project.

Step One is to get our official non-profit status. I’ve already started the paperwork. Step Two is to rename the holiday Global Hug Your Kids Day, and start to encourage folks all across the US and even the world to organize small events in their town, in honor of a special kid or just for all the families nearby. I’ll cross-promote them through Hug Your Kids, like a hub.

So, Happy 2010. ‘Hope it’s full of great hugs – and don’t forget, to hug your kids and your spouse/ partner today!



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2 responses to “Hug Your Kids Project Like a St. Bernard

  1. Happy Big 5-0, Michelle. Keep up the great “hug” work…we can all use more!!! People get so busy in their daily lives and they forget what is REALLY important…letting people know you love them, ESPECIALLY YOUR KIDS. As they say in Hebrew/Jewish, “You’re doing a MITZVAH!”

    • Sheryl,

      Thanks. I love how this message connects to all religions and world views. Everyone loves their kids!

      I always say that I didn’t find Hug Your Kids, rather, it found me. Did you see my funny blog post about how it was like a St. Bernard dog? Scroll down a few posts and check it out.

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