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Hug Your Kids While Awaiting Word from Haiti

No one with a pulse can ignore the pain that Haiti’s families have been through in the last few weeks. When I saw a story about a father having to look through a pile of corpses, looking for his 10 year old child, I didn’t know whether to throw up or cry – or both. No parent should be put through such a Hellish

A pure message - Kids remind parents to hug their kids


I can only hope that every parent in Haiti remembered to hug their kids and spouse/partner that morning, before the disaster. And for the rest of us, we still have time. Hug your kids today, darn it!

On a less-intense scale is the pain of families living outside Haiti but with loved ones in that country. Often the families outside say all they can do is hug their kids and family here, while they wait to hear from their Haiti family members.

My heart goes out to all affected by Haiti’s disaster.


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New Orleans Saints Football Coach Hugs His Kids

I recently read about Sean Payton, the New Orleans Saints coach, after he won the NFC championship. According to the AP article, Payton said, “It was just good to hug them (his kids) and be around the family and enjoy the time. There never seems to be enough of it.” I’m sure he’ll be even busier as he gets ready for the Super Bowl on Sunday.

So you see, if you sometimes  feel like you’re too busy to stop and hug your kids and spend time with your family, you’re not that different from a pro football coach.

The lesson: You don’t find time for hugs, you make time for them.

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Canada vs. China – Who Hugs Their Kids More?

Parents in America happily hug their kids in public

I just read an interesting article about why some cultures hug a lot – think Italy – and some rarely hug, even their own children – think China. It was written by a Canadian on why Canadians don’t hug a lot publicly.

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Tidal Wave of Hugs for Hug Your Kids Founder’s Big Birthday

Michelle Nichols hugs her kids daily!

Tuesday, January 19, is my big 5-0. I don’t want gifts or a fancy party. What I’d really like is for every parent to hug their kids. Just imagine, if we can get this message out, it’ll be like a tidal wave of hugs around the world!
We are all so busy with our jobs, finances, and lives, that it’s easy for us to run right past our kids, as if they were furniture. I know, I’ve done it myself.
Just for me, would you hug your kids, or spouse / partner/ friend/ loved ones, in the next 24 hours? If yes, please comment below and let the world know that you love your kids! Hug photos are welcome too!


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Work Life “Balance” Has Many Meanings

No confusion or translation here! Michelle hugs and loves her son.

I subscribe to “A Word a Day” with Anu Garg . Today’s word was “canonical.” What struck me was the word had SIX meanings, and they weren’t consistent across Art, Music, Religion, Literature and Math!

This made me think about the phrase “Work-Life Balance.” I’ve found it also has many meanings. To some people, it means we spend the same # of hours working as our life. To others, it means we try to do something other than work 24/7. For most of us, it’s something in between – but what?

The good news? A hug from a parent to his or her child has one meaning: I love you.

Tell me, what does Work-Life Balance mean to you?

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Hug Your Kids author loved Messenger book

Messenger, the story of Mattie J T Stepanek, rocked!

Jeni Stepanek, mother of the amazing poet Mattie J.T. Stepanek, finally shared the story of his life in her new book, Messenger: The Legacy of Mattie J.T. Stepanek and Heartsongs. It was great. Sure I cried, but I laughed too. And she kept the focus on Mattie without making a big deal of all the celebrities who knew and loved him. Jeni wrote a lovely testimonial for the front cover of Hug Your Kids Today.

Here are a few of my favorite parts of her book: 1. His remote fart machine 2. when he explains about Heartsongs. 3. where he explains that MDA wasn’t just about raising funds for research but also about hope and peace. 4. Mattie said, “I always breathe better in a tuxedo.” 5.“Thank you for the hug, Mom. It really made my day.”

PS Here’s what she wrote for my book cover: Wow! A great perspecive on balancing the important things in life. I wish I could hug Mattie again.

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“Hug Your Kids” for Teens Too!

Don't you just want to *hug* these teens?

Parents often ask me, “How do you hug a teen, especially a male teen?” I tell them to tell their kids that they met The Hug Lady today and she said to hug their kids, so they should stand still and take it like a man! And dads, that means it’s right for you to hug your daughters, if you have a wholesome and clean heart. If she doesn’t get her hugs from her dad, she’s going to look for them from her boyfriends. The teen years, I’m learning, are the toughest of growing up. Family hugs strengthen our kids.

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