Hug Your Kids, Dogs and Surfing

Several people who have read my book, Hug Your Kids Today! 5 Key Lessons for Every Working Parent,” have commented that Lesson #2, Carpe Kids, that is, Look for what’s positive in your kids, really touched or spoke to them. I think it’s because it’s the one I personally struggle with the most, and therefore, wrote with the most heart and soul.

I just saw this YouTube about a dog, who failed training to be a service dog, but he could surf, and now he helps a parapalegic 15 year old boy SURF. If you like kids, dogs or surfing – or all 3 – you’ve GOT to see this!



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4 responses to “Hug Your Kids, Dogs and Surfing

  1. Margie Rigney

    Michelle, how lovely to encourage hugging. Being a mother of three wonderful hugging and lovable children, I can appreciate the value, comfort and simplicity of a hug.
    Having had to endure the pains and isolation of Radiation this past April and having to be quarantined for two weeks from my family and any human contact, on the day of my “release” from my concrete prison my niece organized a “hug a thon” for me and people in my life showed up at my door to hug me at different times of the day. I cried each and every time and of course the sweetest ones that meant the most and touched me the deepest were from my children. Even at age 17, my oldest is no stranger to my giant hugs. I find myself these days hugging instead of shaking hands, hugging hello and goodbye and you just never know who needs that human contact to make them feel like someone cares. As humans we need that connection.
    Thank you for making this site and I truly think you are just a marvelous person. Have a wonderful day.
    Margie Rigney
    Georgetown, Ky Opinion/columnist

    • Margie,

      Thanks for writing. I LOVE your idea of a “hug a thon.” Now that’s something folks could organize in any city, with just a press release to the newspapers. The TV stations would surely love to come out and film a bunch of families hugging.

      Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery!

      And remember to keep hugging your kids, even your 17 year old. (I have one of those too!) I think teens are the hardest to hug but they need hugs the most.

      Michelle Nichols

      • Margie Rigney

        Yes, they do. I am so fortunate that I come from a huggy family. When my husband and I first got married, my family embraced him figuratively as well as physically. At first he was a bit shocked and then quickly felt right at home. He had come from a family that didn’t hug much. He realizes now since we have three kids of our own how important those signs of affection are. They can mend hearts, heal booboos and chase away bad dreams. They can build you up when you are down and one of the few things in life that feel just as good to the giver as the receiver, if not more. I will check on a hugathon idea for our city on the date you mentioned. Presently I am getting ready for two major surgeries as well as one more dose of radiation that will hopefully be my last. I plan on “hugging up” ahead of time!
        Hugs and mucho appreciation for your time.
        Margie Rigney

      • Margie,

        Margie, now you’ve given me a 2nd hug phrase / idea – “hugging up” ahead of major surgeries and radiation. As Woody said in Toy Story, “Buzz, you’re a genius!” May I add your 2 ideas to our “Hug of the Week” feature on the Hug Your Kids Today homepage? You inspired the idea for the feature. I hope you have uneventful surgeries and procedures with speedy recoveries – and lots of hugs!

        PS I didn’t come from a huggy family. How funny that now I’m known as The Hug Lady. Quite a change from my 6 years as a columnist for BusinessWeek!

        Michelle Nichols

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