“Hug Your Kids” for Teens Too!

Don't you just want to *hug* these teens?

Parents often ask me, “How do you hug a teen, especially a male teen?” I tell them to tell their kids that they met The Hug Lady today and she said to hug their kids, so they should stand still and take it like a man! And dads, that means it’s right for you to hug your daughters, if you have a wholesome and clean heart. If she doesn’t get her hugs from her dad, she’s going to look for them from her boyfriends. The teen years, I’m learning, are the toughest of growing up. Family hugs strengthen our kids.


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One response to ““Hug Your Kids” for Teens Too!

  1. Lori W.

    Those teens are so great, it just makes me want to hug mine too! I bet those boys “hugging” each other are brothers?

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