Tidal Wave of Hugs for Hug Your Kids Founder’s Big Birthday

Michelle Nichols hugs her kids daily!

Tuesday, January 19, is my big 5-0. I don’t want gifts or a fancy party. What I’d really like is for every parent to hug their kids. Just imagine, if we can get this message out, it’ll be like a tidal wave of hugs around the world!
We are all so busy with our jobs, finances, and lives, that it’s easy for us to run right past our kids, as if they were furniture. I know, I’ve done it myself.
Just for me, would you hug your kids, or spouse / partner/ friend/ loved ones, in the next 24 hours? If yes, please comment below and let the world know that you love your kids! Hug photos are welcome too!



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14 responses to “Tidal Wave of Hugs for Hug Your Kids Founder’s Big Birthday

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Michelle!

    Many happy returns of the day. I had not heard that you had returned full time to Hug Your Kids Today. Good for you for listening to your instincts and changing your path.

    Have a wonderful day!

    • Viviana,
      Thanks for the great note. I’ve learned that life is short and it’s up to us to make it sweet. My gut screamed to me to get back to the Hug Your Kids project, so here I am!
      I hope we can figure out how to cross-promote our projects in 2010 – and beyond!
      When business and good messages work together, everyone benefits.
      Michelle Nichols

  2. Lori W.

    I think today should be HUG MICHELLE NICHOLS DAY – so here is to Michelle being 50 and spreading hugs around the world – Hugs to you Michelle! PS: I hugged my kids today, did you?

    • Lori,
      Thanks. The deluge of Happy Birthday emails FEELS like it’s a Hug day for me, so in a way, you got your wish without having to get Governor Gibbons’ approval.
      And yes, I hugged my kids today – twice each. I’ll use any excuse in the book to sneak in a few more hugs before they grow up and move away.

  3. Happy Birthday, Michelle! I always hug my kids, and will do so even more to help celebrate your big day. Keep up the great work!

    • Mark,
      Thank you for your comment. With your busy schedule, I am honored that you were able to be a part of my book and now, an ambassador for my Hug Your Kids project, even if only by hugging your own kids.

  4. Take from someone who’s been there five years before: your 50s are a wonderful decade of discovery (and hugs!) – happy birthday Michelle! Here’s my recent take on turning 55: http://bit.ly/6Y8hHh

    • Rich,
      Thanks! Since my last name is Nichols (sounds like Nickels,) we call 55, like the speed limit, “double nickels.”
      Each year is a blessing and an opportunity to live our life as big and as loving as we want.
      I’m glad we friends, no matter if you’re a tech writer, communication skills author and speaker, therapist – or fireman.

  5. Cathy Karr

    Happy Birthday Michelle! You are an inspiration! And isn’t it just like you to want to spread hugs on your birthday. Have a wonderful day!

    • Thanks, Cathy. And thanks for the delicious Nothing Bundt cake you brought to my birthday luncheon yesterday. When I got home, my family cut the remainder into 3 pieces – one for each of them. They said I’d already had my piece at the party. It was magic cake – it disappeared! NB cakes are the best – but not as good as a hug from you!

  6. Mignon

    Happy birthday, Michelle.

    There’s nothing like a hug first thing in the morning.

  7. Paula Lee Hobson

    Hi you 50-year-old! All the best for a wonderful year. Never too many hugs in this world.

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