Hug Your Kids While Awaiting Word from Haiti

No one with a pulse can ignore the pain that Haiti’s families have been through in the last few weeks. When I saw a story about a father having to look through a pile of corpses, looking for his 10 year old child, I didn’t know whether to throw up or cry – or both. No parent should be put through such a Hellish

A pure message - Kids remind parents to hug their kids


I can only hope that every parent in Haiti remembered to hug their kids and spouse/partner that morning, before the disaster. And for the rest of us, we still have time. Hug your kids today, darn it!

On a less-intense scale is the pain of families living outside Haiti but with loved ones in that country. Often the families outside say all they can do is hug their kids and family here, while they wait to hear from their Haiti family members.

My heart goes out to all affected by Haiti’s disaster.


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