Dear Abby: Hug Your Kids No Matter What Age

Awwww... A dad and a son share a hug and a smile.

My good friend, and Eagle Eye reader, Colleen Petrini alerted me to a Dear Abby letter in today’s newspaper. Demonstrative Dad in Laguna, CA reminisced that he used to kiss his sons on the lips when the boys were little, but now, at ages 13, 11 and 8, he wondered, “How do I reintroduce this healthy demonstration of love?”

Abby’s reply missed the mark. She said that maybe when they’re older, they will realize the importance of expressing warm emotions. Nuts! What if something similar happens in their family that happened to my family – and a child doesn’t live to grow up? Kids need their daily hugs throughout their lives. And why miss out on the love that is shared by a good hug between dads and their children?

I’ll write to Dear Abby tonight to advise DD to starting hugging those boys today. In the meantime, keep hugging your kids.



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2 responses to “Dear Abby: Hug Your Kids No Matter What Age

  1. I think it is so sad when I hear people say that their children, boys or girls, are too old to hug, hold or even kiss. They are never too old. Your children are your children no matter what their age. Never miss the opportunity to tell them that you love them. Hug them, kiss them and hold them every chance you get and pray that you have another chance to do the same tomorrow. We want our children to grow up with love not grow out of it!

    • Colleen,
      Well put! Since I know you’re the director of a respected, established child care center, I bet you see this too often – parents assuming their kids have outgrown the need for a hug. Kids need daily hugs – and so do their parents. Thanks again.

      PS I submitted my comment to Dear Abby. I hope she lets all her readers worldwide know about Global Hug Your Kids Day.

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