Hug Your Kids – Even Tired “Wii” Ones

So cute you just want to hug him!

Reader Tom Taormina, a proud grandpa, sent in this photo of his 5-year old grandson from Texas. Tom titled it, “Wii until you drop – the new exercise regime.”

I don’t know about you, but think my kids are beautiful when they are asleep.  I confess, I bought pictures of sleeping children for the walllpaper in each of my infant’s rooms. I wanted them to think about sleeping. Now that they are teenagers, they sleep almost as much as they did when they were babies.

Whatever, just hug ’em as often as you can, sharing your love and confidence in them. Being a kid is hard. A hug can help – both of you!



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2 responses to “Hug Your Kids – Even Tired “Wii” Ones

  1. The one who send in that photo is indeed a one proud grand father. I agree that kids really look beautiful when they are asleep and sometime i wonder what they are dreaming every time i look at them smile while sleeping.

  2. Kimberley, So true. I hope they’re dreaming about how much their parents love them, and how much they’ll love their own kids when they grow up.
    Family hugs and love – what a great legacy to pass on from one generation to the next!

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