Kids, Hug Your Dads – When They’re Away on Valentine’s Day

Dr. Marc Tinsley, of Monroeville, PA, and the hand-made valentines from his kids


 I was at an NSA speaker’s conference in Nashville on Valentine’s Day morning recently and sat next to Dr. Marc Tinsley. As we opened our folders to take notes of ideas from the opening speaker, I noticed the 2 hand-made valentines in his folder. His kids had hidden them in his suitcase and just told him where they were earlier that morning.

I’m always reminding parents to hug their kids. This is a great example of kids giving their dad a long-distance hug.

Hugs for all!



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4 responses to “Kids, Hug Your Dads – When They’re Away on Valentine’s Day

  1. While reading this post I remember my dad who used to work miles away from our home when i was young and i realized I never gave him a valentines card or even a hug. I felt so sad and right now I want to go home and hug him tight.

  2. Kimberley,
    How sweet of you to comment. How lucky you are that he’s still alive and you can still hug him. Run, don’t walk or whatever it takes, to hug him asap. Hugs matter. Too many of us have learned the hard way that we don’t always have “forever” to hug the ones we love.
    PS If you can’t hug him right away, at least show him your post. Maybe he’ll comment too, and that’ll be sorta’ like a hug.

  3. Michelle, this was a wonderful surprise twice now. To find those Valentine’s Day cards in my suitcase and now to re-live it through your blog. I wasn’t looking forward to being away from the kids, especially on Valentine’s Day, so it was really nice to find those cards. Sometimes the little things mean so much. – Marc Tinsley

  4. Dr. Marc, You were a good sport to let me take your photo with your valentines. You cracked me up when you told me your son calls you “M-dog.”
    Keep hugging your kids – and don’t forget to remind your patients of the health benefits of hugging their loved ones daily.

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