Hug Your Kids – Even When “No High School”

Notice the shiny "RE"

When I drove past RENO HIGH SCHOOL this morning, my daughter pointed out that the RE were shiny. “That’s because kids are always stealing them, so the sign looks liked “NO HIGH SCHOOL.” What a hoot!

Since I’m a practical mom, I wondered why the school didn’t just put hinges on the back of the letters, so pranksters could lay them down, and the next day, the janitor could just set them up again, instead of having them stolen and then replaced.

This made me think about how flexiblity is also an important tool in our tool box as parents, as employees, and especially as working parents. Flexiblity about where and when the work gets done, but never about the heart and quality put into the work.

Hug your kids, even ridiculous ones that make the sign over their school read “No High School.”



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2 responses to “Hug Your Kids – Even When “No High School”

  1. 5kidswdisabilities

    GREAT suggestions to hug your kids!!!! 2 of mine are now over 6 feet tall, and I have to stand on my tiptoes to hug them “properly”, but they will always be my babies!!!!

    Lindsey Petersen

  2. Lindsey, I know what you mean. Our kids are never too tall to hug. I stand on a stair to hug my tall daughter. A good hug requires you look them in the eyes – so they can see into yours too.

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