2011 Global Hug Your Kids Day is Monday, July 18

For those of you I’ve spoken with personally, you know that I’ve had a wild ride on Life’s roller coaster in the last year or more.

‘Just wanted you all to know that I am working really hard to have a GREAT 2011 Hug Your Kids event across the US and even globally. This week is Spring Break and finishing income taxes, so next week I hope to start making plans for the holiday. It’s 90 days from next Monday. Wow!

I did some hard work last week- I took a leave of absence without pay from my job marketing software for a cool company in Reno, just to focus on the holiday.  Lots of people can sell software, but the Hug project owns me.

Got ideas? Want to host a Hug Your Kids event in your town? Contact me via www.HugYourKidsDay.com.

Don't you just want to hug your kids on their birthday?



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