Jaycee Dugard – Mom Regrets Forgotten Kiss Goodbye for 18 Years

Barbara Jean Crowe, one of our Hug Your Kids fans, watched the Jaycee Dugard interview and commented that Jaycee’s┬ámother “was too busy and didn’t want to be late for work and did not kiss Jaycee the morning she was taken away. It is a clip from Diane Sawyer’s interview. A lesson for all of us.” I only watched part of the interview and I didn’t see the clip but I trust Barbara knows what she saw and heard.

I’m not judging her mom. We’ve all had days where we felt we were too busy to kiss or hug our kids in the morning. Her mom had to pay a terribly high price – 18 years of guilt. That feeling is exactly WHY I started the Hug Your Kids project.

Global Hug Your Kids Day is in one week. Please hug your kids today – and give them an extra one for Jaycee and her mom.


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