Josh Hamilton, Shannon Stone, and Hug Your Kids

If you’re a baseball fan, I’m sure you’ve heard the tragic story of Josh Hamilton, all-star outfielder for the Texas Rangers, who threw a ball up into the stands where father Shannon Stone tried to catch it for his 6-year old son, Cooper. Dad overstretched, fell over the wall, and died. Ouch!

Scott Miller, Senior CBS Sports writer, in a recent story, adds this:

Funeral’s today, Hamilton repeated, and this should not be a subject for an All-Star Game. A father takes his 6-year-old son to a baseball game and never comes home? It is just one more harsh reminder. Do not dwell on who’s not here, on what you don’t have. Appreciate what — and who — you do. Hug your kids, count your blessings, be kind to others.

Hug your kids – good advice all year around, for all kids and parents.

PS Don’t forget – this Monday, July 18, is Global Hug Your Kids Day. If you want to get involved, take the 30 Day Hug Challenge at It’s free, fun, and you get 10 free gifts AND a month of hugs from your kids. It doesn’t get any better than that! What Cooper Stone wouldn’t give for one more hug with his dad.


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