Karen E. Klein and Financially InKleined Promotes Hug Your Kids and Hug Challenge

Karen E. Klein, author of Financially InKleined blog, was kind enough to tell her followers about the 30 Day Hug Challenge and Global Hug Your Kids Day. Yea! Thanks, Karen!!


In the comments, they were discussing a similar story on This American Life about a dad who challenged himself to say “I love you” to his child every day for a month. This led me to pitch a story about the Hug Challenge to TAL. Here’s an excerpt of what I submitted. In case they accidentally don’t pick up the story, I thought I’d share it with you! Enjoy, comment, and pass it on.

I’m the founder of Global Hug Your Kids Day – which is next Monday, July 18, this year. www.HugYourKidsDay.com  Instead of having events where families gather and hug their kids, I created the 30 Day Hug Challenge. www.30DayHugChallenge.com. It is completely no-cost and has 10 no-cost, downloadable gifts. Of course, the best part is the solid month of hugs from your kids and/or spouse/partner. Hugs and gifts – what a combination!

 I’m hoping that people will not only challenge themselves, but friends will challenge each other too. Who can hug their kids 30 days in a row? Divorced spouses who share custody of their children can challenge each other too. Who wins? Everyone – kids and parents. And as a result, schools and employers, because folks who get hugged by their families perform better the rest of the day. Just ask my mom!

 Our goal is to generate a million hugs in July, so we need everyone’s help. And besides, when you give a hug, you get one! And a million is only 10 people hugging their kids and telling 10 friends, repeated 4 times. Really!

 I created the holiday in memory of my son, Mark, who died suddenly at age 8 ½ years old of brain cancer in 1998. On his 5-year anniversary, we had billboards put up in Houston that said, “Hug Your Kids Today. We Wish We Could. In Memory of Mark Nichols 1989-1998.” Five years later, in 2008, I left being a writer for BusinessWeek to write a book, called “Hug Your Kids Today! 5 Key Lessons for Every Working Parent,” and start the holiday. We were in 28 states our second year and Pfizer took us to the Philippines the third year. This is our fourth year.

 Did you know there are 5 steps to a good hug?

  1. Free your hands and arms
  2. Empty your mind of distractions
  3. Make eye contact
  4. Then make heart contact
  5. Squeeze!

 Please help us reach our goal and hug your kids today. Then your spouse/partner. Then tell a few friends about the holiday and the challenge.

 A good hug can make your day. A great hug can change your life. Hugs matter!


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