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Hug Your Kids Day Help Solve Poverty?

The New York Times just ran a column by Nicholas D. Kristof titled, A Poverty Solution That Starts With a Hug.” Wow! I thought I’d thought a lot about hugs over the past four years, but I never thought about solving poverty with them. Apparently, the American Academy of Pediatrics is “issuing a landmark warning that toxic stress can harm children for life.”

Hugs can reduce stress, certainly toxic stress, and so hugs, especially for very young children, help strengthen them for a more successful run at life, including less poverty.

Hugs fighting stress – that’s something I’ve spoken a lot about over the years. Fighting poverty? Something new to consider.

What do you think? Do hugs help you have less stress? How about your kids and spouse/partner?

Give them a few extra hugs every day this week and see what happens!


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