Tamera Mena Reminds Us All of the Value of a Hug While Standing Up

I was just reading an article in Fast Company magazine (April 2012 edition) about Tamera Mena, age 19, who lost the ability to walk due to an accident. Then Ekso Bionics helped her to walk again with one of their robotic exoskeletons and she reflected, “I just wanted to walk again. But once you get up, you realize how meaningful it is to… hug someone while you’re standing up. I had forgotten what that felt like.”

Ya’ see? When I tell folks that hugs are a privilege, Tamara knows what I’m talking about. Hug your kids and loved ones today! Standing up,  or sitting down, just hug ’em. Hugs matter.

PS Global Hug Your Kids Day is Monday, July 16. Start hugging!


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