The Value of a Hug – from Global Hug Your Kids Day Founder, Michelle Nichols

I was at a fundraiser luncheon for some local do-gooders last week and I met a divorce attorney. When he heard I was the founder of Global Hug Your Kids Day, his fist question was, “Is that lucrative?” I was taken aback by his directness but then I realized, many people must wonder the same thing. I assured him it was, since some companies hire me to give speeches on work-life issues, and other companies partner with me to joint-market or hire me to consult.

A day later, I thought of a good response to his question that takes a different tack: Think of a person you long to be able to hug but cannot – either because they’re too far away or they’ve died. What would you pay to give them one more great hug? I call that a hug regret. Our message, “Hug your kids,” helps more people not have any hug regrets – and when I figure out how to monetize that, I’ll really have something!

While I’m working this out, please go hug your kids. Thanks!


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