Detroit Red Wings Coach Mike Babcock Says Hug Your Kids

Detroit Red Wings fan, I’ve gotta love your coach, Mike Babcock. When The Detroit News’ writer Bob Wojnowski interviewed Mike, Bob asked Mike about hockey (duh!) but also about his family and his life.

Bob asked: You mentioned adversity — right before the season, there was the horrible tragedy with your former assistant, Brad McCrimmon. (Coaching a team in Russia, he died in a plane crash.) How hard did that hit you in the gut?

And Mike answered: All those guys had families, and that’s what resonates with me. Those kids don’t have a dad. Beast (McCrimmon) had a love affair with his family like nobody I ever met. It goes to show, you better hug your kids today.

Many women are surprised at how many men really “get” my message of hug your kids. Men tell me, “Of course I love my kids and I love to hug ’em whenever I can.”
Hugs – they are important to moms and dads – and sons and daughters. Don’t go to bed tonight without hugging somone you love. Hugs matter. Ask Mike Babcock of the Detroit Red Wings hockey read the full interview from The Detroit News:

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