Hug Your Kids Day Part of Domestic Violence Programs?

Can hugs help prevent domestic violence? I think so.

So does Theresa Berrincha. She was talking about the the murder of Suzete Berrincha, a young West Hartford, CT woman who was stabbed to death, allegedly by her ex-boyfriend, last year.

According to family friend Jaimy Blazynski, Theresa said, “you need to hug your kids, and you need to help me to stop this from happening to anybody else.” said Blazynski, a West Hartford resident. “As a result, we started S.M.I.L.E.” The name stands for Suzete’s Memory Impacting Lives Everywhere, and it’s a program aimed at educating young people about domestic violence.

From Hugs to SMILE. It’s too bad this sad path had to go through the loss of a young woman.

I’m sorry for this family’s loss, this community’s loss. I fall back on the famous saying that has given me so much strength after the death of my own son, Mark, in whose memory I started Global Hug Your Kids Day. The saying is: When you lose, don’t lose the lesson too.

What’s the lesson? Ask Theresa and me: Hug your kids. Hug your spouse or partner. And if you’re in a situation of domestic violence, get out now. Everything’s replaceable except you.

To read the story,

To learn more about Global Hug Your Kids Day:


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