Grieving Ohio Dad’s Advice: Hug Your Kids Today

On most subjects, I consider myself a fairly tolerant person but one thing I will not tolerate is abuse of a baby. Thus, I was heart-broken to learn of the death of a little 3-month old baby named Jacob Culp, in Trumbull County, OH, near Warren, OH. His daycare provider is accused. I won’t go into the details because I want to focus on the baby and his devastated parents and their advice.

According to WKYC-TV, His dad, Jonathon Culp, was asked, “Is there anything other parents can learn from this tragedy?”

His wise response, “Enjoy your children. That’s the biggest thing. Make sure you hug your kids today.”

My sympathies to the Culp family and the Warren community. Now heed the words of Jacob’s dad, and hug your kids today. It breaks my heart to think that on Global Hug Your Kids Day, July 16 this year, this dad won’t have his little baby to hug. Aargh!

To read the story:

For more info on the hug holiday



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4 responses to “Grieving Ohio Dad’s Advice: Hug Your Kids Today

  1. We have no promise of tomorrow, or even the next 5 minutes. Love deeply, hug often, live truly, pray constantly and smile always 🙂

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