Daddies, Hug Your Kids, Advice at Vigil for Fallen Police Officer Mike Walter

I’m sorry that so many of my recent posts have had to do with death and loss but so far, in our culture, that’s when folks are waking up and smelling the Starbucks about what life is REALLY about – the privlege of being able to hug your kids and your loved ones.

Folks, we lost another good daddy recently – police officer Mike Walter AKA Bailey’s dad, from Jackson, MS.

According to WJTV, Kenny White, who’s in charge of the Chicago Fire Juniors of Mississippi Soccer Club, said at a candlelight vigil Thursday night to remember the fallen officer: At any moment, God could call you up. Just make sure you have your life in order.  And you daddies out there, make sure you hug your kids tonight,”

There it is again – hug your kids tonight. While I’m thankful that Mr. White had the presence of mind to give such good advice, it’s a shame that Bailey’s dad won’t be able to hug her or his wife any more.

My sympathies to the Walter family and the Jackson, MI community. Sure, they can hire another police officer to fill his job, but nothing can take the place of hugs from Bailey’s daddy. Daddy hugs matter!

Folks, hug your kids today. Hug your loved ones too. We’re making plans for Global Hug Your Kids Day on July 16, but today’s the day to start the hugs.

To see the story and a short clip from


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