ForEx Expert Mr. Daily Pfenning Chuck Butler says Hug Your Kids

Chuck Butler of Everbank World Markets, who writes “the Daily Pfenning” on the fascinating business of foreign currency exchange, recently wrote a long article in which he mentions the recent passing of his friend-of-a-friend, Peter Huber. They both battled kidney cancer at the same time, only Peter lost his fight, and it sounds like Chuck survived his. Then he updates us all on what’s going on with a wide variety of currencies and commodities. He closed the article with a personal note: And with that, I ask you to hug your kids today, your spouse, parents, etc., and go out and have a Tom Terrific Tuesday!

It’s great to see business and family in the same article. Still, I wonder why do we only understand the value of hugging our loved ones in light of loss?

Maybe we can get Chuck Butler or his company, Everbank World Markets, to sponsor or at least mention Global Hug Your Kids Day, on July 16. Wouldn’t that be great? Chuck, if you’re reading this, go to for more info and my contact info.


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