Retiring Illinois Fireman Parenting Wisdom: Hug Your Kids

Many kids want to be a fireman when they grow up. Lt. Tom Stotts of Oak Forest, IL Fire Department lived the dream. He had some word of parenting wisdom when he retired recently after 32 years on the job.

According to the Southtown Star newspaper, he talked about the good aspects of being a fire fighter, but added: Unfortunately, I’ve been on 10 kid calls where the kids didn’t make it. It’s something you don’t forget. You go home those days, you hug your kids, and you’re up five times that night checking on them, making sure they’re breathing and OK,” Stotts said.

I didn’t start Global Hug Your Kids Day, July 16 this year, just for fire fighters, I started it for all working parents, regardless of their careers. But I’m happy that Lt. Stotts, and from what I know, many fire fighters, lives the message of hug your kids every day.

For more info on the holiday,

To read the story about Lt. Stotts,



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