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Bedford NH Police Captain Sets Example to Hug Your Kids Every Day

First responders – police, fire, and ambulance crews –  have a special place in my heart because they witness the fragility of life – and thereby, the importance of hugs –  every day, sometimes for a 30 year career. Many of the police departments I’ve read about, and I expect many first responders in general, have already adopted the “hug your kids and loved ones every day” message as a part of their culture.

Daily hugs matter. Unfortunately, the police officers in Bedford, NH were reminded of this simple truth once again after the sudden death of one of their own this week. I won’t print his name because I don’t want to add to his family’s grief, but if I could, I’d be on a plane tomorrow to grieve, and hug, with them and his fellow officers and their families.

Bedford Police Captain Daniel Douidi said. “It makes you realize why you hug your kids before you leave for work each day.” Our loved ones make our life worth living, and worth protecting.

My dad was born and grew up in Nashua, NH. I think of it as a bucolic place but I have to realize there are bad guys everywhere. Thankfully, there are good guys, and good gals, to keep us safe too!

If you’re a first responder, thank you. If you’re a first responder in Bedford, NH, please accept my sympathies. Thank you for protecting me and my family and everyone else, and thank you for setting the example to hug your kids every day. Global Hug Your Kids Day is Monday, July 16 this year but I’m glad you’re already in the hug habit.

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