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National Hug Your Kids Day coming – July 20

Sorry, I’ve been too busy working on the holiday to blog about working on the holiday.

1. Please mark your calendars for Monday, July 20, 2009 – National Hug Your Kids Day. If you have children within a hug’s reach, hug them! If they’re too far away, give them a call, text, email, snail mail, a Cookie-gram… whatever it takes to make sure on that day, they feel hugged.

Remember, hugs are fast, free – and non-fattening. Perfect for these times when we’re fighting a time crunch, a money shortage and our waistlines. No excuses!

2. We’re working to get the word out via digital billboards across the US (thanks, Clear Channel Outdoors!,) announcements during Major League Baseball games and in contests in Gannett newspapers from coast to coast.

3. Call-ins, I love ’em! My whole day is brightened when I get a call from a university in Ohio, or a junior hockey team in Ottawa, Canada (and the CAPITAL of all of Canada!)  that they’d like to announce and promote Hug Your Kids Day. Come on folks, jump on the bandwagon! Jump in the pool! The more voices, the merrier – and the more hugs.

4. My vision is to change the world’s families – one million hugs at a time. Once we reach a few million hugs, momentum will kick in and the rest will be easy. Please help me reach those first few million hugs. Start with hugging your kids and telling a few friends.

5. Updates? check here or

Or call me – (775) 303-8201


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Unemployment Can Be a Gift to Mothers

Businesspeople often talk about “unintended consequences,” but here’s one I didn’t think of. NPR just published a story about how executive women who lost their jobs recently are spending more time with their kids and learning more about them. They’re spending time with their children at their schools, daycares and doctor’s offices, apparently places the nannies went in their stead when the moms worked full time.

What do you think? I think it’s an opportunity for the kids have quality time. I know it’s hard to see unemployment as a gift to mothers , but from a kid’s view, it just might be. 

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Mom Buys New Basketball Hoop for Better Parent-Child Communications

My son recently had his 12th birthday and my hubby and I bought him a basketball hoop. I’m not trying to raise the next NBA star (OK, I’ve started too late for this goal anyway,) but I was also thinking that maybe my son and I could spend some time together shooting baskets while we talk about his day, his dreams and of course, girls.

Sure there’s a depression, recession, or whatever, but he’ll only be 12 once – and I’ll only be this age once too. Parenthood is a gift and it’s fleeting. For more info:

Daniel Levine, a trend spotter at the Avant-Guide Institute who analyzes social trends recently said “People are being more value conscious, but just as important, they’re being more conscious of their values, and what that means is that they’re looking for experiences that speak to their heart.”

Anyone for a game of Horse?

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Fortune Mag: Beat Recession Strategy and Your Family

Geoff Colvin wrote a great article in the Jan. 19, 2009 issue of Fortune mag, “How to Manage Your Business in a Recession” with 10 strategies.  One that jumped out to me: Keep investing in the core.  He writes, ” Recessions end…When this lousy stretch is over, will your business be more competitive or less?”

That’s a good point, no matter whether you own the company or you work for one. This too will pass. Whatcha’ doing to come out of this time stronger, not weaker?

Colvin ends the article with: Marathoners and Tour de France racers will tell you that a race’s hardest parts, the uphill stages, are where the lead changes hands.”

My point? You can start to beat this recession now. You don’t need to wait for things to change.  In fact, you shouldn’t. Now is the time to make sure you’re giving your family members some loving every day.  When the pressure is on at work, make sure you don’t forget to do the most important thing for your family every day – show them your love.


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