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Hug Your Kids Partners with Flip The Script Now in Nevada

Have you ever thought about how hugging your kids helps keep them from being bullied? I just realized this as I learned about a new program in Nevada, called They want to prevent both school- bullying and cyber-bullying, and it’s being funded by R&R Foundation. The can be a tool for them to help parents remember to hug their kids every day, and thereby reduce the chance that they’ll be bullied – and maybe prevent kids from wanting to be a bully too. That’s a double-win!!

The longer I raise my kids, the more I realize how tough it is to be a kid today. There are a lot of pressures, and stronger pressures, than when I was growing up. This pressure can lead to more bullies, and more victims, as kids struggle to find their spot in the world. Hugs, especially daily hugs from a mom or dad, can make a difference. Hug your kids today, folks!


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