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Fortune 500 CEOs Value Work-Life

I recently read in ‘Working Mother’ magazine:
H. Fisk Johnson, CEO S.C. Johnson & Son: “A company will only do well if it has the best and brightest talent. And work/life programs help us attract and retain great talent because these programs are valued. Particularly in soft economic times, these programs are even more valuable.”
James Cornelius, CEO Bristol-Myers Squibb: “Even during times when the external business environment is less stable, we have seen the benefit of our commitment to work/life programs. These programs help us attract and retain the talent we need to drive our business.”

So you knew in your head that work-life issues mattered to your business and personal bottom-line. Here are two big CEO’s to join our chorus.

Keep singing “Hug Your Kids Today” – and then get to work!


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