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Hug Your Baby or Hug Your Child – Good Advice on How to Parent


Peter Gowesky, a pastor, blogged recently on 4 reasons to make your kids cry. I thought this was kind of weird but then I saw #4 was because you are hugging them so tight they can’t breathe. OK, I’m going to assume he really meant was you hugged them with a lot of enthusiasm. No matter whether you hug your baby or hug your child, daily family hugs are good advice on how to parent better.

He also reminded me of a good piece of parenting advice, and that is that for parents, love is spelled t-i-m-e.

Good reminder, and reason #451 why hugs are so great – they don’t take much time but well done, they can linger a long time. In business, we call that ROI – return on investment. In parenting, I guess that’s ROT – return on time.

Keep hugging! And don’t forget, Global Hug Your Kids Day is Monday, July 14. www.hugyourkidsday.com Please help us spread the word!


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How to Parent Advice for Jacob and Sophia – Top Baby Names of 2011


A long-ago photo of my husband and our first-born.

The list of the Top Baby Names for 2011 is out. Here’s my how to parent advice: Hug Your Kids every day, no matter whether their name is on the list of Top Baby Names for 2011 or not. Spend at least as much time hugging your kids, especially when they’re teenagers, as you did picking out their names before they were born.

By the way, the list is released by the Social Security Administration, according to Today Moms, part of  MSNBC.Jacob topped the boy’s list (for the thirteenth year in a row) and Sophia was number one for the girls, swapping spots with Isabella, which was number one last year but number two this year.

Parenting is tough. Hugs make it easier – and sweeter. And don’t wait for Global Hug Your Kids Day, July 16, to get started, but for more info, www.hugyourkidsday.com

Hugs and babies – what could be more natural?
Hugs and teenagers – what could be more important?

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