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Hug Your Kids – Interview with Jeffrey Benjamin


Listen to Jeffrey Benjamin interview Hug Your Kids Founder, Michelle Nichols

You’ve read about Hug Your Kids. You might have even met Michelle Nichols, the founder. In this interview by Jeffrey Benjamin, founder of Breakthrough Training, you can learn why this message matters to every businessperson, regardless of whether they have kids or not. And if they do have kids, why they should forget “work-life balance,” and how they can be truly successful at work and life. This message impacts sales, business and life!
Listen and let me know if you agree, disagree or have someting to add!

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Hug Your Kids – Even Argentina 32 Years Late

Dad from Argentina hugs son for the first time, 32 years after birth

Did you read the story about the Argentine dad, Abel Madariaga, whose pregnant wife was kidnapped 33 years ago? Long story short, thanks to the Grandmothers of the Paza de Mayo rights group, the dad and son were recently reunited. Wow!

What did dad say? “Hugging him that first time, it was as if I filled a hole in my sole.”

Can you imagine waiting 32 years to hug your child for the first time? Go hug your kids right now – or call them and tell them you love them. Hugs matter. Hugs heal.


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Hug Your Kids – Even Angry Teens Need Hugs

Even angry teens need a hug

Maybe especially angry teens. Actually, these girls were posing and cracked up right after I snapped this photo but it makes me laugh.

Parents of teens ask me all the time about hugging their teens. My answer, “Yes!” Of all the age groups, I think teens need hugs the most. They’re learning to drive, applying to college, starting to work, dating, and other stuff we don’t even know about. They need the physical reminders of  hugs that their moms and dads LOVE them and stand beside, behind and even in front of them.
Even though my 18-year old daughter is 6 feet tall, my husband and I like to give her a “sandwich hug” where we both hug her at the same time. It’s one part embarassment and one part comfort.
Got a teen? Hug them today!


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Dear Abby: Hug Your Kids No Matter What Age

Awwww... A dad and a son share a hug and a smile.

My good friend, and Eagle Eye reader, Colleen Petrini alerted me to a Dear Abby letter in today’s newspaper. Demonstrative Dad in Laguna, CA reminisced that he used to kiss his sons on the lips when the boys were little, but now, at ages 13, 11 and 8, he wondered, “How do I reintroduce this healthy demonstration of love?”

Abby’s reply missed the mark. She said that maybe when they’re older, they will realize the importance of expressing warm emotions. Nuts! What if something similar happens in their family that happened to my family – and a child doesn’t live to grow up? Kids need their daily hugs throughout their lives. And why miss out on the love that is shared by a good hug between dads and their children?

I’ll write to Dear Abby tonight to advise DD to starting hugging those boys today. In the meantime, keep hugging your kids.


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