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The Value of a Hug – from Global Hug Your Kids Day Founder, Michelle Nichols

I was at a fundraiser luncheon for some local do-gooders last week and I met a divorce attorney. When he heard I was the founder of Global Hug Your Kids Day, his fist question was, “Is that lucrative?” I was taken aback by his directness but then I realized, many people must wonder the same thing. I assured him it was, since some companies hire me to give speeches on work-life issues, and other companies partner with me to joint-market or hire me to consult.

A day later, I thought of a good response to his question that takes a different tack: Think of a person you long to be able to hug but cannot – either because they’re too far away or they’ve died. What would you pay to give them one more great hug? I call that a hug regret. Our message, “Hug your kids,” helps more people not have any hug regrets – and when I figure out how to monetize that, I’ll really have something!

While I’m working this out, please go hug your kids. Thanks!


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Hug Your Kids Message Helps Before, and After, Tragedies

According to my research from Google Alerts, someone uses the phrase “Hug your kids” on the Internet about once a day, somewhere in the world. However, at least half the time, it’s after a child or teen dies or is badly hurt, like in the case of Stephen Gant, a promising young man from Riverside High in Tennessee with a bright future in baseball, who died by suicide in April of this year.

These Google Alerts are a daily motivator to me to work harder to get out my message “Hug your kids” farther, faster, deeper, sooner, because hugs matter. Could hugs have prevented this young man’s tragedy, or that of any other person’s? I don’t know. But I know that a history of hugs before a tragedy, helps in the healing of the survivors.

So folks, hug your kids, and loved ones, today. And if you know the Gant family, or any other family who has had a loss recently, go hug them too.

PS Here’s the story of this young man. I don’t want to add to his family’s pain but maybe someone reading this post can learn from their tough loss. And if you’re thinking of hurting yourself, please go ask someone for a hug and help.  http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/highschool-prep-rally/prep-baseball-superstar-possible-first-round-mlb-pick-170907446.html#ugccmt-container 

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Hug Your Kids – Relaunch Work-Life Priorities Professional Speaker, Michelle Nichols

Kim Auer Nash, left, and Laura, right, say "Cheese" with Work-Life Priorities speaker Michelle Nichols in Nashville, TN

‘Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet here. I’m re-launching my corporate speaking biz, which pays the bills for Hug Your Kids. Overhauling the website has been a real bear but it’s already so much better than it was when I left it last Fall. Peek (but don’t laugh, it’s not all done yet,) at http://www.WorkLifePriorities.com . It has its own FB page, so we can keep the Hugs work separate from the corporate work.

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