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Hug Your Kids – By Showing up at School Band Concerts

Ah, Band Concerts - Packed with Proud Parents

“The love in your heads and your hearts don’t really mean much.” People are shocked when I say this, but then they nod in agreement. It’s why hugs are so powerful – they are love put into action.

I went to my daughter’s school band concert last night in Reno, NV. The local 6th graders played along with the junior high kids and the senior high students. Wow! What was just as amazing was there wasn’t a spare square foot in the bleachers for all their moms and dads.

Showing up for band concerts is another way parents put their love into action. All those parents had dozens of tasks they could be doing, but instead they sat for 2 hours to hear their child blow, bang or strum for their 5 minutes of glory. Everyone left feeling loved. Yea band parents!


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Hug Your Kids – Even Angry Teens Need Hugs

Even angry teens need a hug

Maybe especially angry teens. Actually, these girls were posing and cracked up right after I snapped this photo but it makes me laugh.

Parents of teens ask me all the time about hugging their teens. My answer, “Yes!” Of all the age groups, I think teens need hugs the most. They’re learning to drive, applying to college, starting to work, dating, and other stuff we don’t even know about. They need the physical reminders of  hugs that their moms and dads LOVE them and stand beside, behind and even in front of them.
Even though my 18-year old daughter is 6 feet tall, my husband and I like to give her a “sandwich hug” where we both hug her at the same time. It’s one part embarassment and one part comfort.
Got a teen? Hug them today!


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