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Hug Your Kids – Especially Older Dads

Author, Speaker Joe Calloway hugs Michelle in Nashville

I got to have lunch with big-time speaker and thinker Joe Calloway when I was in Nashville recently. He wrote a “bit” for my Hug Your Kids Today! book and brings a different perspective to this whole work-life “balance” (Ha!) conversation. He and his wife Annette had┬átheir first child, Jessica, when Joe was in his late 40’s and adopted┬átheir second daughter, Cate, a few years later, in his early 50’s.

Older dads really appreciate being able to hug, and laugh with, their children, in the moment. They have a lot to teach younger dads – and vice versa. Hurrah for men of all ages who are willing to step up and be great fathers!

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Hug Your Kids – Even Elvis Needs a Hug

"Love me tender, baby!" Michelle gets a hug from Elvis in Nashville.

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