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Hug Your Baby or Hug Your Child – Good Advice on How to Parent


Peter Gowesky, a pastor, blogged recently on 4 reasons to make your kids cry. I thought this was kind of weird but then I saw #4 was because you are hugging them so tight they can’t breathe. OK, I’m going to assume he really meant was you hugged them with a lot of enthusiasm. No matter whether you hug your baby or hug your child, daily family hugs are good advice on how to parent better.

He also reminded me of a good piece of parenting advice, and that is that for parents, love is spelled t-i-m-e.

Good reminder, and reason #451 why hugs are so great – they don’t take much time but well done, they can linger a long time. In business, we call that ROI – return on investment. In parenting, I guess that’s ROT – return on time.

Keep hugging! And don’t forget, Global Hug Your Kids Day is Monday, July 14. www.hugyourkidsday.com Please help us spread the word!


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