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Hug Your Kids – Relaunch Work-Life Priorities Professional Speaker, Michelle Nichols

Kim Auer Nash, left, and Laura, right, say "Cheese" with Work-Life Priorities speaker Michelle Nichols in Nashville, TN

‘Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet here. I’m re-launching my corporate speaking biz, which pays the bills for Hug Your Kids. Overhauling the website has been a real bear but it’s already so much better than it was when I left it last Fall. Peek (but don’t laugh, it’s not all done yet,) at http://www.WorkLifePriorities.com . It has its own FB page, so we can keep the Hugs work separate from the corporate work.


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Hug Your Kids – Dan Clark says Emotion Leads to Action

Pro speaker Dan Clark says "Emotion leads to Action."

I heard professional speaker Dan Clark speak in Reno last week and while he made several great points, there was one that stayed with me, that my mind kept turning over and over like a shiny rock for the next several days. He said something like logic increases knowledge but emotion creates action. Action – the goal of every speaker.

I think it’s this emotional connection around the words “Hug Your Kids” that makes it so powerful. “Hug” is an action word. “Kids” has a very strong emotional kick, because even if you don’t have kids, you once were a kid. “Your” brings home the bacon, that is, it is the link between the action and the heart.

“Hug Your Kids” came from the billboards our family had put up for just one day in HoustonĀ on the 5 year anniversary of our son Mark’s death, in 2003. They said “HUG YOUR KIDS TODAY. WE WISH WE COULD. IN MEMORY OF MARK NICHOLS 1989 – 1998.” Powerful stuff.

The Hug Your Kids project has turned those 2 billboards for one day into a global, year-around movement – because it causes action. Hug your kids, spouse/ partner and loved ones, today!

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