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Hug Your Kids – Even When “No High School”

Notice the shiny "RE"

When I drove past RENO HIGH SCHOOL this morning, my daughter pointed out that the RE were shiny. “That’s because kids are always stealing them, so the sign looks liked “NO HIGH SCHOOL.” What a hoot!

Since I’m a practical mom, I wondered why the school didn’t just put hinges on the back of the letters, so pranksters could lay them down, and the next day, the janitor could just set them up again, instead of having them stolen and then replaced.

This made me think about how flexiblity is also an important tool in our tool box as parents, as employees, and especially as working parents. Flexiblity about where and when the work gets done, but never about the heart and quality put into the work.

Hug your kids, even ridiculous ones that make the sign over their school read “No High School.”



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Hug Your Kids – Even With a Pierced Belly Button

My daughter Amy shows off her new PIERCED belly button

Beware of children of sales trainers. Kids often pick up bits and pieces of their parents’ professions. Since I was in the sales biz for 25 years, my kids are really good persuaders.

Case in point: My daughter, Amy, turned 18 recently. See her Mexican tres leches cake (yum!), her cute boyfriend, and her new pierced belly button. I thought the tiara was a nice touch too.
How did she close her sale to me? “But Mom, my belly now has an amethyst – and that’s my birthstone!” 
Kids – gotta’ hug ’em before they grow up and fly off to college and the rest of their lives. Too soon, she’ll be out of hug’s reach.

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