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OK for New Girl Star Jake Johnson to Say No More Man Hugs?

I’m a fan of New Girl, the TV show. One of the perks of¬†founding Global Hug Your Kids Day – July 16, www.hugyourkidsday.com – is I’m the unofficial Hug Judge. These two facts are related because Jake Johnson, who plays Nick Miller on New Girl, announced a few days ago that he likes his fans but he doesn’t like when male fans want to man hug with him.

This begs the bigger question, why doesn’t everyone like to be hugged? I think it’s like asking why doesn’t everyone like chocolate ice cream? I don’t, even though I love chocolate. My point is, it doesn’t matter why some folks don’t like to be hugged, what does matter is they have the right to not be hugged and not to be given a hard time for feeling that way.

So Jake Johnson, if you’re reading this, you have¬†the Hug Judge’s OK for no more man hugs – or any kind of hugs, if you want. But if you have kids (I don’t think you do,) hug them. Hug nieces and nephews that like hugs too! As for hugging Zooey Deschanel? You’re on your own there, buddy, but good luck!

What do you think about Jake Johnson saying no more man hugs? Comment below!


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