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Fan Mail for Global Hug Your Kids Day


Fan mail! I’ll admit it, I love fan mail, especially when it comes from folks who found us and as a result, are changing how they live and parent. This one came over the transom yesterday:

I came upon your website at random, one of those “down the rabbit hole” moments, clicking from one link to the next. So glad I did.

All I have to say is “Wow!” Reading your bio made me cry, but in a good way. Last week, I turned in notice at my job, and will be leaving at the end of June to work a part time position and be home with my 4 year old son. There are bigger payoffs in this life than the salary we earn. Thank you for sharing your truth.

Hopefully, the writer (dare I call her a fan?) will put into practice our advice to “Hug Your Kids,” not just today, but everyday – and maybe twice on Global Hug Your Kids Day, July 16, 2012. www.hugyourkidsday.com



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Montana Dad’s Parent Advice: Hug Your Kids


Just read another sad post about a parent losing an adult child but it was sweet in that it was a dad that was writing. It was written by Bill Lyon of Stevensville, Montana, in the Bitterroot Star, their local newspaper.

Women often assume my Hug Your Kids message is just for other women, or to tell men to hug their kids. However, dads make up about 50% of our fan base because they love their kids just as much as the moms do, only they probably forget to say it aloud as often. Dads, here’s some parent advice from other dads, that I’m just passing along: Hug Your Kids.

And you don’t have to wait for Global Hug Your Kids Day, July 16.  www.hugyourkidsday.com

Hug your kids today, and every day. It’s a fast and free parenting tip.

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How to Parent Advice for Jacob and Sophia – Top Baby Names of 2011


A long-ago photo of my husband and our first-born.

The list of the Top Baby Names for 2011 is out. Here’s my how to parent advice: Hug Your Kids every day, no matter whether their name is on the list of Top Baby Names for 2011 or not. Spend at least as much time hugging your kids, especially when they’re teenagers, as you did picking out their names before they were born.

By the way, the list is released by the Social Security Administration, according to Today Moms, part of  MSNBC.Jacob topped the boy’s list (for the thirteenth year in a row) and Sophia was number one for the girls, swapping spots with Isabella, which was number one last year but number two this year.

Parenting is tough. Hugs make it easier – and sweeter. And don’t wait for Global Hug Your Kids Day, July 16, to get started, but for more info, www.hugyourkidsday.com

Hugs and babies – what could be more natural?
Hugs and teenagers – what could be more important?

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ForEx Expert Mr. Daily Pfenning Chuck Butler says Hug Your Kids

Chuck Butler of Everbank World Markets, who writes “the Daily Pfenning” on the fascinating business of foreign currency exchange, recently wrote a long article in which he mentions the recent passing of his friend-of-a-friend, Peter Huber. They both battled kidney cancer at the same time, only Peter lost his fight, and it sounds like Chuck survived his. Then he updates us all on what’s going on with a wide variety of currencies and commodities. He closed the article with a personal note: And with that, I ask you to hug your kids today, your spouse, parents, etc., and go out and have a Tom Terrific Tuesday!

It’s great to see business and family in the same article. Still, I wonder why do we only understand the value of hugging our loved ones in light of loss?

Maybe we can get Chuck Butler or his company, Everbank World Markets, to sponsor or at least mention Global Hug Your Kids Day, on July 16. Wouldn’t that be great? Chuck, if you’re reading this, go to www.hugyourkidsday.com for more info and my contact info.

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Retiring Illinois Fireman Parenting Wisdom: Hug Your Kids

Many kids want to be a fireman when they grow up. Lt. Tom Stotts of Oak Forest, IL Fire Department lived the dream. He had some word of parenting wisdom when he retired recently after 32 years on the job.

According to the Southtown Star newspaper, he talked about the good aspects of being a fire fighter, but added: Unfortunately, I’ve been on 10 kid calls where the kids didn’t make it. It’s something you don’t forget. You go home those days, you hug your kids, and you’re up five times that night checking on them, making sure they’re breathing and OK,” Stotts said.

I didn’t start Global Hug Your Kids Day, July 16 this year, just for fire fighters, I started it for all working parents, regardless of their careers. But I’m happy that Lt. Stotts, and from what I know, many fire fighters, lives the message of hug your kids every day.

For more info on the holiday, www.hugyourkidsday.com

To read the story about Lt. Stotts, http://southtownstar.suntimes.com/news/12294326-418/oak-forest-firefighter-honored-on-last-day-on-job.html


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Daddies, Hug Your Kids, Advice at Vigil for Fallen Police Officer Mike Walter

I’m sorry that so many of my recent posts have had to do with death and loss but so far, in our culture, that’s when folks are waking up and smelling the Starbucks about what life is REALLY about – the privlege of being able to hug your kids and your loved ones.

Folks, we lost another good daddy recently – police officer Mike Walter AKA Bailey’s dad, from Jackson, MS.

According to WJTV, Kenny White, who’s in charge of the Chicago Fire Juniors of Mississippi Soccer Club, said at a candlelight vigil Thursday night to remember the fallen officer: At any moment, God could call you up. Just make sure you have your life in order.  And you daddies out there, make sure you hug your kids tonight,”

There it is again – hug your kids tonight. While I’m thankful that Mr. White had the presence of mind to give such good advice, it’s a shame that Bailey’s dad won’t be able to hug her or his wife any more.

My sympathies to the Walter family and the Jackson, MI community. Sure, they can hire another police officer to fill his job, but nothing can take the place of hugs from Bailey’s daddy. Daddy hugs matter!

Folks, hug your kids today. Hug your loved ones too. We’re making plans for Global Hug Your Kids Day on July 16, but today’s the day to start the hugs. www.hugyourkidsday.com

To see the story and a short clip from WJTV.com: http://www2.wjtv.com/news/2012/may/03/candlelight-vigil-ofc-mike-walter-ar-3727445/

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Grieving Ohio Dad’s Advice: Hug Your Kids Today

On most subjects, I consider myself a fairly tolerant person but one thing I will not tolerate is abuse of a baby. Thus, I was heart-broken to learn of the death of a little 3-month old baby named Jacob Culp, in Trumbull County, OH, near Warren, OH. His daycare provider is accused. I won’t go into the details because I want to focus on the baby and his devastated parents and their advice.

According to WKYC-TV, His dad, Jonathon Culp, was asked, “Is there anything other parents can learn from this tragedy?”

His wise response, “Enjoy your children. That’s the biggest thing. Make sure you hug your kids today.”

My sympathies to the Culp family and the Warren community. Now heed the words of Jacob’s dad, and hug your kids today. It breaks my heart to think that on Global Hug Your Kids Day, July 16 this year, this dad won’t have his little baby to hug. Aargh!

To read the story: http://www.wkyc.com/news/article/243587/45/Investigator-Accused-murderer-sued-in-daycare-death

For more info on the hug holiday www.hugyourkidsday.com


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